About Alix

I work on all things technology politics: as a podcast host, facilitator, advisor, and field friend. I live in Mexico City. I founded Computer Says Maybe a public interest agency serving organisations working on issues of technology and justice, and home of the New Protagonist Network.

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Me by way of background, in reverse order:

My current focus is to provide facilitation support, advising services, and coaching to companies, non-profits, and foundations. Particularly on socio-technical issues, or where society and technology crash into each other.

How I Got Here

I co-founded and directed The Engine Room, a global non-profit supporting activist organizations to incorporate technology into their work.

I like supporting those that run institutions I care about. I am on the advisory boards of Foxglove, RealML, and and I am a trustee of the Ada Lovelace Institute for AI & Society.

I also spend a lot of my time working with global human rights organizations, largely foundations, to grapple with technology. I have worked as an advisory board member for: Open Society Foundations Human Rights Program, Luminate, and Open Technology Fund. I also served as a member of Technology Advisory Board of the International Criminal Court, and spent a few formative years at the Cairo Institute for Human Rights.

I have spent some time in academia. I was a fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights at the Harvard Kennedy School and the Digital Impact Lab at the Stanford Philanthropy and Civil Society Center. Fifteen years ago, I did graduate work in media studies at the University of Oslo, researching the role that Facebook played in Egyptian political organizing. I hold a BA from Colorado College.

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