Facilitation Services

We never forget great events.
Don’t leave the most important part to chance.

Usually, we shove together an agenda, and kind of cross our fingers.

Hoping we’re covering the right things in the right way. But just guessing.

Hoping that things go as we plan. But playing it safe so we don’t have to deal with surprises.

All the while hiding from the hardest part: How to design an experience that people will remember.

How to combine the collective power of the people around the table to move complex things forward.

We’re all scared of bringing people together for a dud event. But if it’s an event that you really want to get right, you can take out the guesswork.

Work with an experienced facilitator to take out the guesswork.

I can help you lead a transformational experience.

I’m not a facilitator with generic skills. I specialise in events, collaborations, and teams that are focused on topics about the social and political impacts of technology.

Whether you're convening a community of researchers, gathering multidisciplinary spaces, organising cross-functional conversations, building your team culture in a retreat, or working across institutions to do something big, I can help.

I get in the weeds to understand what your goals are. And I use a proven process to reach them. Every time.

If you need a facilitator that really gets your work, let's go :)

Make a Magical Event
Alix helps groups deepen their trust, hone their analysis and grow their confidence in having difficult but vital conversations to increase their impact in the world. I would trust any conversation in her care.
Tanya O’Carrol
Former head of Amnesty Tech

For Teams

I can help you turn talking into traction at your retreat.

For Event Organizers

I can help you work with your community to design a magic event.

For Leaders

I can help you design change management initiatives that consult, align, and advance your initiatives.
Make a Magical Event

In my 30 years of work, I've never seen a more skilled and intuitive facilitator than Alix. An event is a huge investment of time, money, and attention. Hiring Alix was the single best decision we made in support of a great return on that investment.

Jen Pahlka
Founder at Code for America and former Deputy CTO of the US Government

I’ve worked with Alix on several projects, and every time she has been a phenomenal thought partner. She finds ways to work through the problem, approaching it from a new angle, and drawing on her own expertise to make the problem tractable.

Madeleine Elish
Senior Research Scientist at Google

Alix did a fabulous job helping us navigate a complex topic with a highly collaborative and productive process.

Lila Ibrahim
Chief Operating Officer at Deepmind

You don’t have to do it alone.

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